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Handmade Leather Shoes: Whale (18-24m)


Lait et Miel is a French soft sole indoor shoes label for babies and children aged newborn to four, based in Paris.

Our brand stands on durability, functionality and comfort. We envisioned shoes that withstand seasons and trends, that may eventually be passed down to brothers or sisters and affordable for all families and budget. Barefoot sensation shoes that let you feel like staying in!
Yet in a world where grown-ups run around all the time and still remain overwhelmed, we wanted our shoes to feel like a constant invitation to daydream, to the imagination, to unveiling a secret universe and language through our characters and animals. A mysterious rabbit invites you for a walk in a mushroom forest, mischievous hedgehogs are swapping their socks, a sad weather turns into a rain of colors, and a mandarin panda wants to share his thoughts! Our daily lives should bring everyone’s inner world in it !

The simple, supple leather sole is like a second, thicker skin, protecting the little feet from the cold and roughness of the ground. It also allows a better proprioception than with a rigid, semi-rigid or reinforced sole. Indeed, if foot muscles can better feel the ground and its irregularities, this will favour the good development of the spinal column as well as easier acquisition of balance. In nursery schools, kindergartens, at home or in the garden, our soft sole shoes come closest to the "barefoot" sensation, which is of great importance in the discovery of the world by children; let's not forget that "humanisation began with the feet" as stated by the famous French sociologist, Leroy-Gourhan.

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  • Model: whale 18-24

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